Domestic Shrimp

Shrimp is our Specialty!


With our own fleet working the Gulf of Mexico Coastline, you are assured to receive the freshest, most consistent product daily. We are dedicated to our shrimp program and believe quality and consistency can only be achieved by educated vessels. Our fleet consists of captains and crews that been trained to operate under HACCP





Commercially, shrimp is classified by color rather than species.


White Shrimp (Penaeus Setiferus)

Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and Atlantic whites from the U.S.A to Brazil are mainly Penaeus setiferus and Penaeus schmitti. Mexican west coast whites and whites from the Pacific coast of Central and South America as far south as Peru, are mainly Penaeus stylirostris, Penaeus vannemei, and Penaeus occidentalis.

White shrimp use bays during late spring, summer, and fall support a large fisher in bays along the upper coast and near-shore water off the Gulf Beaches. They stay in bays longer and reach a larger size than brown shrimp and go to the Gulf as bays cool in the early fall. Identification of Gulf White shrimp (Penaeus setiferus) will have on line (or ridge) on the top of the shell.


White Shrimp.jpg



Brown Shrimp (Penaeus aztecus)

Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic browns are primarily Penaeus aztecus, Browns on the Pacific coast of the America's ar mainly Panaeus californiensis.

Brown Shrimp, harvested in coastal bays and at night in the Gulf, account for 80 percent of the Texas catch. The young shrimp use the bays during the spring, and begin entering the Gulf late May or early June. If growth is fast they may leave the bays earlier, this sometimes occurs after a warm winter. For identification purposes the Gulf Brown Shrimp (Penaaeus aztecus), there are three ridges along the back but the outer two ridges are bowed.


Brown Shrimp.jpg